About Us

Picture a rogue frequency tucked away in the sonorous ether, a distinctive hum in a world of noise. Picture a radio station that not just plays music, but paints immersive auditory landscapes. Welcome to mmxRadio, a place where the undercurrents of sound, the unseen echoes, reign supreme.

Conceived in 2010, we were born out of the hunger for something different. Tired of the mainstream's monotonous beat, we sought the unexplored, the unseen echoes of music. We embodied a love for the indie, the alternative, and a nostalgia for the vibrant tunes of the 80s, 90s, and 00s. From an entity that merely pierced the airwaves on 88.5 FM, we've grown into an omnipresent beacon in the expansive realm of online broadcasting.

"Listen to the difference"

At mmxRadio, we've always strived for difference. That's not just our mantra; it's our very essence. Our focus has always been on the music, its stories, and its power to transport you to unseen realms. We curate our playlists meticulously, ensuring each track captures the spirit of our unique brand. Our music challenges the status quo, stimulating your senses, and inviting you to join a revolution in listening.

Our brand is imbued with an irrepressible spirit of rebellion. We're authentic, always true to our roots and unwavering in our mission to champion indie music. Our minimalistic aesthetic allows you to focus on what truly matters: the music. With us, it's all about quality, authenticity, and immersion.

We're not your regular radio station; we're an experience, a sanctuary, a movement. As you tune into our frequency, you'll journey into a world unseen by most, echoing with the vibrant hum of indie music, alternative beats, and the rhythmic nostalgia of yesteryears. We're the bridge to your musical discovery, and we invite you to join us in this uncharted journey.

Here at mmxRadio, we dare to be different, to challenge the mainstream, and to offer you a unique auditory experience. We're the unseen echoes of music, the unheard stories, the untold melodies.

We're mmxRadio. Listen to the difference.